June 2, 2020

Hotel and Eco resort booking in Iran

We can plan your trip in Iran and set your accommodation if you need

Trip planner is a gift from Parmin family for everyone who has accepted our help and supportness in the whole of their trip. Let us to know your favorite trip with completing the information form. Parmin family will send you a plan for your trip accordin to what you want to your mail.
  • Cheaper than list prices

  • Guarantee the best price for booking a hotel

  • English support

  • More than 700 hotels & 350 Ecoresorts in Iran

About Parmin Reservation

Parminet is an E-booking website which can help you book Hotel and Eco resort in Iran . Parmin Group provides Hotel and Eco resort booking in more than 900 hotels and 350 Eco resorts . By conducting regular surveys, we list the hotels and hotel apartments in which attracts the travelers the most. Our website presents all of the internal search routes, including hotels in Mashhad, Tehran, Shiraz, Isfahan, Kish, Tabriz, Ahvaz and many of the affordable hotel apartments across the country.

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Parmin Group Guarantee the best price for booking more than 700 Hotels and 300 Eco resorts in Iran .

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